I was born in Winnipeg, MB. at the Women's Hospital on November 26th, 1991.


My parents, Tony and Krista, have always told me that I was sweet, kind-hearted, a loving child, but mixed in with a healthy amount of troublemaker out of my 4 sisters. As the photo above with my vibrant sister Rebecca confirms, according to my grandpa, I was also cute as a button. 


In my teen years and early adulthood, I had my struggles and ups and downs. 



However when I had my first child, Savannah, my life changed profoundly for the better.


I now have three beautiful girls, Savannah, Nevaeh ( Heaven spelled backwards) and Cailie for whom I would do anything for. My grandpa thinks they got the "cute factor" from me, as you can attest to if you go their pages on this site. 


At this point of my life in 2021 I believe I have evolved (and still evolving) into a strong, independent woman and will continue to thrive and grow for the rest of my life.