As a young'en I was shy, which make it look like I didn't like joking around too much but I was busy and always on the go!! My mom and dad did a lot of chasing around of me. Since then I have become somewhat of a social butterfly and love joking around and laughing. I'm also told that I am extremely particular, whatever that means?? I also love sports and have been known to spend a minute (note from Mom: hours) or two on social media. 


Fond Memories


I have made a lot of trips to Grand Forks, ND with my Mom (before the Covid pandemic hit) and stayed at some awesome hotels and spending a considerable amount of time (except for eating, sleeping and the odd bathroom break (NO, not in the pool)) in the pool. Going to Ottawa was also a highlight, not just once but twice. There, we spent whole days at Calypso Waterpark, thundering down the water slides and floating down the Lazy River (when we weren't eating and drinking my Grandpa and Colette out of house and home). We also had a super time feeding the animals at Omega park- not small animals as you can see. 

I lived out in the country (near Ste. Anne MB) for six years and had a lot of fun outside on our big property with my Dad, riding four wheelers and skidoos and hanging out. We also did a fair bit of fishing, of which I am a self proclaimed expert ;-) .


One thing you may not know about me is that I really love travelling. I've been to the city smack on the border of Saskatchewan and Alberta - Lloydminster as well as Lethbridge AB and even visited the humungous West Edmonton Mall. I certainly do get around!!


As I write this (sort of) in 2021 I am leaving Middle School and entering Sturgeon High School, about which I am over the moon excited. I have always loved school and getting good  marks hasn't been too tough, so far. 


I can't wait for my next journey!!